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“Linux in Safety Critical Systems” Seminar 2008, hosted by Engineering Research Center of Open-Source Software and Real-Time Operating System, Ministry of Education, China, at Lanzhou in Jan. 13-19, 2008

Linux in Safety Critical Systems Seminar 2008


Engineering Research Center of Open-Source Software and Real-Time Operating System,

Ministry of Education, China


Room 530, Information Building, SISE, Lanzhou University, Jan. 13-19, 2008






Seminar Scope:


Linux usage for safety-related systems in the context of IEC 61508 and derived standards for process industry (IEC 61511), machine industry (IEC 62051) and rail (EN50128/50129). In This seminar we will cover IEC 61508 with respect to COTS components, develop strategies for inclusion of COTS components and outline possibilities of justification of such components in a standard compliant manner.


Seminar Schedule:


  Introduction to Functional Safety
  Overview of IEC 61508
  Relation of IEC 61508 and derived application sector standards - focus on COTS
  Safety Strategy options for Linux in 61508 Context

  Available Linux/FLOSS technologies
  Discussion of the safety concept "total diversity"
  Outlook "Evolution of 61508 and derived standards"




Nicholas Mc Guire, Professor of Lanzhou University, lectures on UNIX clusters, embedded and realtime Linux, Open-Source Project Management and UNIX programming. He became involved in Linux in early 1995 (Kernel 0.99.12) while working at the Tech. Univ. Vienna Austria and programming DSP’s (TMS 320C4X) for Magnetic Bearing systems. He continued Linux work at the Inst. for Computational Material Science of The Vienna University from 1997-2001, primarily working on High-performance clusters there (Alpha-LX/DP-264/UP-2000/K7 clusters). These projects brought the world of MPI and PVM as well as the very fascinating MOSIX project into his work-area and he has since then a continued interest which was extended into distributed real-time systems lately. He began to work on MiniRTL in 1998 because of lack of work at the University and too many old PC’s standing around that nobody wanted to use. He is currently active as a consultant for industries deploying free software and open source, notably embedded Linux/RTLinux based Projects for Machine-tool companies and in the field of safety critical systems and as the maintainer of RTLinux/GPL an active community member.




Correlative Documents of Seminar 2008:


Introduction to 61508

OSADL: Safety Critical Linux Working Group

Safety Case strategy for COTS

Introduction to Safety Terminology




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