Cheng Guanghui and Li Chanjuan delivered reports at DSLab on 17th,Sep

Cheng Guanghui delivered a report about”L4eRTL Porting PaRTiKle to L4/Fiasco”,a brief introduction of the report is:

PaRTiKle is a real-time operating system which is the replacement of RTLinux/GPL and PaRTiKle has been published as the part of XM/eRTL project which allows to run multiple PaRTiKle domain beyond the XtratuM hypervisor.L4/Fiasco is one of second generation microkernel L4 family but has full preemptible capability. Based on L4/Fiasco L4Linux is regarded to be a para-virtualization technology to prove that L4/Fiasco is good basestone to provide the general-purpose operating system virtulization. Similary L4eRTL is proposed and implemented as a real-time operating system virtualization and it allows multiple PaRTiKle(L4eRTL) domains to coexist with L4Linux now.




Li Chanjuan delivered a report about”A New Real-Time Network Protocol-Node Order Protocol”,a brief introduction of the report is:

It is natrual for real-time network protocols to start at the top level with the temporal behavior, so do many of the existing protocols. However,  time-triggered protocols not only adds extra complexity because related to maintainence of glabal time but also incure a penalty in network utilitisation due to temporal padding. To relieve thoes issues, we introduce a node ordering concept in which a strict node order is defined and the order of communication events is established by this pre-configured order instead of global time. Thus what is required is maintaining the node order only. Based on such a concept, we propose Node Ordering Protocol (NOP) in which  medium access is controled by strict node ordering. In NOP, there is no concept of global time and communication activities are event-triggered. So NOP eliminates theinterval reserved for keeping temporal order and can saturates the network in the general case.

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