Prof. Hermann Haertig from Technical University Dresden visiting DSLab,SISE

Prof. Hermann Haertig brings us a splendid lecture On March 6th, Prof. Hermann Haertig, the leader of the Institute of System Architecture for operating systems research group in Dresden University of Technology in Germany, gived us a splendid lecture named The Real-Time System and Trusted Computing based on L4/Fiasco in 406 in the Information Floor. The Information Science and Engineering Institute’s leader Chen Xiaoyun and Sun Zhaohui attended the lecture. The 2006th graduates in the department of Computer science and the members in the dslab listened to this lecture. In the three hours’ lecture, Haertig told us some basic knowledge about l4 and microkernel, and launched trusted computing on extensive discussions. In all the process, Haertig talked with the listeners and the atmosphere was very warm.




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